Image Critiques & Portfolio Reviews


Getting an outside perspective of your images is an important step in your growth as an artist. We offer anything from single image critiques to full portfolio reviews for individuals and groups that are looking for insightful feedback.

We have several options available to best meet your needs. Sessions for individuals can be over email or live via Skype. Skype sessions are our preferred method as it allows for the discussion to be more conversational.

Part of a photography group or camera club? We also offer in-person group critiques. Make your next judging or critique session special with a fresh outside professional perspective.

Why us?

We have over three decades combined photography experience as well as a background in Fine Art. The depth of our experience has given us the ability to break down the elements of an image and give thoughtful and actionable feedback. Let us give you the perspective you need to take the next step in your photography.

Contact us today to book a session!

Tips on maximizing your review experience:

  • Choose your images to be reviewed thoughtfully.

  • Less is more. Select your best images or images you are struggling with.

  • Write down your thoughts on your selections beforehand.

  • Constructive criticism is designed to be helpful. Keep an open mind.