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Align your visual compass, Due North. 

Hello everyone and welcome to Due North Photo Expeditions. This is the latest venture of Matt Stapleton and Charlie Widdis. Our goal is to provide the best fine art landscape photography workshops on the market and teach students the tools to bridge the gap between vision and creation. 

Why did we go with “Expeditions” instead of the more common “Workshops” you ask? One thing we agree on is that some of the best work is produced when one fully submerges themselves in the elements. We decided that we wanted to take people on the trips that we would want to go on and that means getting people into the thick of these beautiful locations, braving the elements, and chasing the most dramatic light possible. In short (too late) we thought that "workshops" was not strong enough of a word to describe what we are doing here. So gear up and come join us.

Here are a few things to expect from us in the coming year:

  • - A series of one-day workshops that focus on specific skill sets.
  • - A series of multi-day expeditions throughout the state of Maine. 
  • - Several videos on our process, both in the field and post-processing. 
  • - Amazing imagery from us and our students
  • - Video tutorials